What is the Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a modern and highly effective technique to release emotional and physical pain of intense emotional events without having to talk about them. The energies of these events cause trapped emotions and are stored in our body memory. They distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction and all manner of disease. They are also the driving force behind anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD and a variety of physical and mental illness.

By using the “Muscle Test”, a tool from the discipline of Kinesiology, a particular trapped emotion is identified and then released by rolling a magnet down the spine. This supports the body to get back into balance and restore its normal energy field, which often brings release from emotional and physical discomfort and pain.

Trapped emotions very often gather around the heart, creating a so called “Heart-Wall” which can cause difficulties in any kind of relationship and often hinders us from experiencing joy and fulfillment in life. The Emotion Code is a very effective tool to remove that “Heart-Wall” and restore the ability to give and receive love freely and fully engage in life.

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In short, the Emotion Code is a great technique to release emotional baggage and release body and mind from pain from the past to help live a fulfilled life in the present.

The founder of the Emotion Code is the renowned holistic physician and international teacher Dr Bradley Nelson.

To read more about the Emotion Code and download resources go to: http://www.healerslibrary.com

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