How I work

My aim is to meet you where ever you are in your life right now and to help you make the changes you want to make. This can happen much quicker and easier than you might think!


All my work is inspired by my fascination with life itself and the way it is uniquely expressed through each and every one of us. I honour the diversity of my clients and I see it as my responsibility to tailor our work to your needs and personality. As part of this individual approach we will discuss whether focused, short term work or medium to long term psychotherapy would be most beneficial for you. Throughout the therapeutic process I offer you professional insights with care, always keeping in mind that even though our roles are different, we are equal in value as people. My aim is to empower you to discover the capacity and wisdom within yourself to live your life well and give it direction and purpose.


My work is based on a clearly defined and professionally safeguarded therapeutic relationship which provides a framework for identifying and exploring the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical experiences you want to change. As an expression of this relationship I invite you into a dialogue using our spoken language of words as well as the unspoken voice of the arts and our bodies. This enables you to uniquely express yourself from deeply within where we all hold experiences that are beyond words. My aim is to help you develop a supportive and energizing relationship with yourself which in turn will allow you to relate better to other people and to the world around you.


In my work I am passionate about inspiring you to love your life afresh, live it with joy and hold on to hope where things are challenging. I offer you a great variety of therapeutic techniques to stimulate your mental and emotional explorations and to inspire you to be creative in the changes you want to make in your life. I also encourage you to use these techniques in your everyday life at home and at work and experience how life can be different.


For an appointment with your personal psychotherapist contact me here.