What is Creative Journaling?

Creative Journaling, developed by the Canadian Art Therapist Lucia Capaccione, is a type of psychotherapy which uses creative tools such as crayons, paint, collages and clay as well as the written word to express emotions, thoughts, dreams and physical sensations or pain.

It uses the power of images combined with words, activating the verbal, linear, logical left side of the brain as well as the visual, emotional, and non-verbal right side of the brain. Art is used as a vehicle for expression and the emphasis is on the process and inner journey rather than on the visual and aesthetic product or result.

Creative Journaling allows the hands to pour out innermost, hidden feelings, thoughts, and body sensations onto paper to release them and so gain deep insights about one’s life through them. Underlying and often unconscious reasons for unwanted thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical expressions such as illness and pain are revealed in a creative and almost playful, non-threatening way. This makes it much easier for the conscious mind to act upon the revealed wisdom and make necessary changes for the desired outcome to happen.

The technique of writing as well as drawing with the non-dominant hand and dialoguing with both hands alternately is a unique aspect of Creative Journaling. This two-handed dialogue approach can be used to explore the creative art expressions further or to dialogue with a question, life situation, pain or illness one is faced with. The process often gives valuable, new insights and a resolution to the challenge.

If Creative Journaling gets your creative juices flowing, you can learn how to use this fascinating technique.

For more information on Creative Journaling, go to http://www.luciac.com

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