What is (Gestalt) Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Psychotherapy is the treatment of the human mind, the conscious and unconscious processes that make it possible for us to remember, learn, reason and make decisions as well as think, imagine and experience emotions. It aims to establish a greater understanding of one’s personality, gain insights into personal difficulties, and find ways of unravelling them to develop a better quality of life.

Over the last 150 years a great variety of psychotherapy approaches have been developed, and each approach has its distinct flavour and way of working which gives those that seek help a fantastic choice.

Gestalt Therapy has been developed in the 1950s by its founders Fritz & Laura Perls and Paul Goodman. One of the main objectives of Gestalt Therapy is to raise the client’s awareness of the way they live their lives and enable them to find their inner resources to overcome the sometimes negative effects that past experiences have on their present day life. Gestalt Therapy places great importance on the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, which is the basis of all explorations and therapeutic changes.

I believe that each person needs their own, tailor made approach to therapy, and I therefore integrate many different approaches into my work and aim to shape each session according to the personal needs and circumstances at the time.

On a more practical level, psychotherapy gives the opportunity to get professional help for life’s challenges, offered in a professionally safeguarded, confidential relationship, without the repercussions or judgements which often occur when sharing distress with friends or family members.

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