What is Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses mainly on the memories of emotional, difficult and sometimes abusive experiences during childhood and adolescence. These early experiences are often re-played in the mind and form unconscious believes such as “I’m not allowed to be here”, “I have to do it all on my own”, “I can’t trust anyone” or “I’m not good enough”. These and other unhelpful and limiting believe are often the cause for much heart ship in our adult life.

They are expressions of the wounded Inner Child, and in order not to feel the pain all the time it develops unique ways of protection over the years. It might build a thick wall and feel very lonely, depressed, and anxious behind it, or it might develop addictions, flee into work or computer games or use self harming behaviours to run away from the pain. The truth is, however, that none of these choices bring satisfaction or joy into life as beneath it all the wounded Inner Child remains, waiting to be heard, loved and cared for.

During Inner Child Therapy, we listen to the voices and emotions of our Inner Child and become the loving, caring adult that it probably never had. This allows our Inner Child to feel safe and loved and heal from the pain of the past.

If your Inner Child is touched by what you have just read, it might be an indicator that it is still holding on to some parts of its troubled past. It is possible to let go and move on!

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