What is the Endorphin Effect?

The Endorphin Effect is a set of easy-to-use strategies for holistic health and personal growth, developed in the 1990s by the British psychologist Dr William Bloom.

Endorphins are hormones and neuropeptides produced in every cell of the body. They play an important role in the relaxation process of tissue, as well as in anaesthetizing pain and the physical sensation of pleasure. The production of Endorphins is the body’s natural response to counteract stress and pain.

Endorphins also enhance the immune system by activating natural killer cells and by causing the blood vessels to stay open and flexible to support the flow of blood to all body tissues. They also help prevent many diseases such as strokes and cardio vascular problems.

Endorphins are essential for physical health as well as for psychological wellbeing, which this positive feedback loop illustrates: Endorphins produced > positive physical change > enhanced psychological mood > new behaviour.

In order for Endorphins to be released, it is only necessary to experience pleasure in the mind by either thinking of pleasure or using the imagination to see it with the inner eye. This is possible because the psycho-neuro-immunological system cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. What makes the Endorphin Effect so unique is that it is not dependent on outside circumstances, but only on the power of the mind. It can, therefore, be used in almost any situation or locality to counteract stress, pain or low mood and to enhance energy levels.

The Endorphin Effect Strategy (as explained by William Bloom in his book of that name) in brief:

  • Positive Triggers (enjoy every event, activity or thought that gives you pleasure)
  • Inner Smile (give your own body kind attention)
  • Curled Deer (sink and relax into the body language of resting)
  • Biophylia (feel connected with the natural world, spiritual inspirations and the good things in life)
  • Daily Exercise (twenty minutes minimum to raise metabolism and increase oxygenation of the blood)

If you are intrigued by this wonderful way of improving and supporting your health, you can learn the Endorphin Effect Strategy to help you manage stress better and become an all round happier person.

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